On our farm, we actively reuse and recycle materials whenever possible. This includes filtration and reuse of irrigation water, reuse of soil mix as a field amendment and reuse or recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic and metal. We also source recyclable packaging and shipping materials which have been manufactured with recycled content.

Information for Consumer Reuse & Recycling

  • Soil mix from potted herb plants can be added to your garden soil or compost pile. It contains peat moss and vermiculite.
  • Plant pots can be reused to start seedlings for your home garden.
  • Plastic clamshell and tub containers have a variety of uses, from food storage to organization. Clamshells can also be easily cut apart to create trays. Our larger basil containers can be used for anything from a lunch salad to holding paint for a household or craft project to a portable water dish for a pet who travels with you.  Be sure to wash all containers before reusing.   
  • The plastic products used in our packaging are identified by the recycling codes shown at right. All of these materials are recyclable. Waste streams in any given area, either municipal or private, may or may not have an avenue for processing all material types.

Check with your local community or recycling center for more information.