fresh basil

- Add whole leaves to salads or pair with fresh tomatoes or cheese

- Add torn pieces to pasta or pizza

- Grind into a pesto base to combine with your favorite ingredients

   CILANTRO                          Fresh_Cilantro

- Use in salsas or add to meat fillings for tacos or burritos

- Use in marinades

- Add to soups, stews or chili near the end of cooking time

    CHIVES                                fresh chives

- Use in potato salad, egg dishes and soups

- Add to butters (good for corn on the cob) or soft cheeses

- Good in salads, on baked potatoes or with fish

    DILL                                     fresh-dill

- Use in cream sauces and seafood dishes

- Add to salads like potato, cucumber or tuna

    - Add to omelets and vegetables

    MARJORAM                         Fresh_Marjoram_bunch

- Sweeter, more delicate flavor than oregano

- Use in salads, dressings or eggs, as well as beet, bean or mushroom dishes

   - Combine with garlic, salt and coarse black pepper for a grilled chicken rub



- Use in beverages, jellies and sauces

- Add whole leaves to salads or chop and toss with fresh fruit

- Add to marinades for meats and vegetables




- Chop fresh leaves and add to pastas, tomato sauces or as a pizza topping

- Earthy flavor balances acidic tomatoes

- Combine with garlic, salt and olive oil to make a marinade for pork, beef or roasted potatoes



- Use whole sprigs or chopped as a garnish

- Add to sauces, quiches, rice dishes or omlettes

- Add to dough before baking for color, flavor and texture


fresh rosemary

- Add sprigs or finely chopped leaves to long-cooking stews or soups

- Sprinkle onto potatoes or vegetable before roasting or steaming

- Combine with salt, pepper and flour to use as a poultry rub



- Chop and add to stuffing for fish, poultry, pork or beef

- Slide sprigs or leaves under the skin or in the cavity of chicken or turkey to be roasted

    - Use in cream soups, stews and vegetables



-       Add whole leaves or chop and stir into salads

-       For tarragon vinegar, add sprigs to distilled white vinegar. Once at desired strength, remove the sprigs

-       A good herb to use for infused oil



- Remove leaves from stems by pulling through the tines of a fork

- Mix with bread crumbs to use as a coating for fried foods

- Toss with vegetables before roasting